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Model : MT-CB680

Motor type : Induction

Voltage : 220-240V/50HZ

Rated Pressure : 140 bar

Rated flow : 7.0L / min

Max. Flow : 8.5L/min

Power : 3000W

G. W. / N. W. : 30.00KGS / 29.00 KGS


The High pressure machine converts the pressure of normal supply water to a high pressure. The pressure and the flow rate can be regulated. You can use only water or chemical can be used if you want. The Machines can be equipped a detergent tank so that detergent can be mixed with water to achieve a superior cleaning result. The high pressure water jet machine can be cold water or hot water. The hot water high pressure jetting machine is equipped with a diesel powered boiler so that hot water can be sprayed for difficult cleaning jobs.